RHLL Fields Day for Majors Teams
10AM-Noon Saturday 3/11 at Fred Crabtree
(Rain Date Sunday 3/12 10-Noon)
Spring is fast approaching and we need your help to get Crabtree ready for play. We will be holding a Fields Day event on Saturday March 11th from 10AM to 12Noon at Fred Crabtree for all Majors teams to get ready for the season.   If the event gets rained out/cancelled Saturday, our rescheduled rain date will be Sunday 3/12 from 10-Noon.   All Majors players need to attend this event.    We will need many parents to help get our nets installed in the batting cages.  Practices can begin after 12Noon!!!
What needs done?
  • Rake out/level the gravel in each of the the batting cages (fields and remote)
  • Hang the batting cage nets (4 of them.  One on each field, 2 in the remote cages)
  • Hang the Tee Station nets at the cages (4 of them)
  • The green Turf batters boxes/pitchers/catchers in our cages can be swept off with a push broom to clean them up.
  • Bag all trash in the green containers and put new trash bags in all green metal cans.
  • The 3rd Base line on Blue field can have some more field mix and turface mixed in, the baseline has been widened and we need to slope it downhill for drainage.  A new french drain has been installed here.
  • INFIELD WORK: -The mounds will need some rebuilding/tamping.  Pull weeds.  The infield can be raked out and some field mix/turface/fill in can be added to low spots.
What should you bring?
  • Multiple gas leaf blowers will make the job go faster blowing out/cleaning dugouts and leaves.
  • Wire cutters are helpful for cutting zip ties used to hang nets.
  • If anyone has an 8ft step ladder, it would be helpful for hanging batting cage nets.
We appreciate your help in getting the Crabtree fields setup for the season and look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday March 11th from 10AM-Noon (Rain Date Sunday March 12th 10AM-Noon)..
Matt Babey
Fields Commissioner
Reston-Herndon Little League