Field Status: How It Works

Reston-Herndon Little League receives field permits from two authorities: Fairfax County Parks and Recreation, and Reston Association. These organizations will make the primary/earliest decision on a given weekday with respect to which fields will be open or closed.

Their contact information is provided to the right. They usually post their decisions by 3pm (on weekdays), but it can be later.

Although Reston Association or Fairfax County may make a decision to leave fields open on a particular day, Reston-Herndon Little League may still decide to close a field due to safety or playability concerns. Our Field Commissioner is the final authority on such field closings, and those decisions are final.

Closed Means Closed

Closing a field means the entire field is closed, including the outfield areas unless it is specifically stated otherwise. Cages at Crabtree may be used even if the fields are closed, although coaches must schedule time on the league schedule.

Use Common Sense

Even if your field is open DO NOT USE FIELDS if the conditions could result in injury to a player or cause damage to the field. Limit practice to the outfield if the infield is too muddy.

Neither games nor practices should be held if field conditions are such that usage may increase the risk of injury to players or may cause damage to the field.

Inclement Weather

Seek shelter (typically in cars) if there is thunder and/or lightning, and remain sheltered until 30 minutes after the last hearing or sighting. If a game has begun and is umpired, the umpire is the sole authority on game stoppage, whether temporary or permanent.

To Check Field Status:

Fairfax County Fields: (Fred Crabtree Park #1 & #2, Reston North #1 & #2, Stratton Woods #3, South Lakes Drive and all elementary schools)

703-324-5264 or Fairfax County Website


Reston Association: (Brown's Chapel #1 & 2, Running Cedar, Hook Road #1 & #2, Ring Road, Wainwright, Twin Branches, Bordeaux)

703- 435-7982