RHLL Personal Health Protocols

The RHLL board continues to tailor safety protocols as appropriate for each division. The league’s goal is to provide our players the opportunity to practice and play baseball and for our league’s families to return to our Little League community. RHLL’s primary concerns are the health and safety of all participants

Illness /Symptoms -  Parents, coaches, parents, and other family members may not participate in any RHLL event if they have any illness or symptoms of COVID-19.  If your player is now allowed to attend school according their protocols, they are now allowed to attend RHLL events.

Covid-19 Reports -  All RHLL players, coaches, parents, other family members, and spectators who test positive for COVID-19 or who have had close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 must immediately contact the team manager, league president, division commissioner, and league safety and training lead. In case of a COVID-19 report connected to RHLL, league administrators will consult with and follow the guidance of the Fairfax County Health Department.