2024 Reston-Herndon Little League All-Stars

Little League All-Stars is an amazing experience, unlike any baseball tournament in the world.  It is the greatest month-long baseball "camp" you'll ever be able to send your kid to - EVER! Kids who have participated on a District All-Star team in the past go through this experience and come out of it infinitely better baseball players. It's a lot of work and a full family commitment, yes. But the kids will have a ton of fun and will remember it forever.

Reston-Herndon Little League (RHLL) will have two different all-star divisions.

  1. District All-Stars (D4). RHLL will enter six teams (one AL and one NL) in each of three district tournaments: for league ages 8-10, 11s, and Majors (12s).  Teams go by your players Little League age (Their age on August 31st 2024. Typically, teams play 3-5 games in pool play followed by a four-team, single elimination playoff for the district title. Should a team win the district, they will advance to the state tournament in July. Should a team win the state tournament, they would advance to regionals. the 8-10 & 11s tournaments typically begin between June 16th - 20th depending on the year.  The Majors tournament starts at the end of June or beginning of July.  Tournaments typically last a week or two.
  2. Local All-Stars. RHLL will also field a 8-9-10 Local All Star team. Any player not selected for the District All Star team is eligible to play on the Local All Star team.  This team will combine AL and NL players.  The Local All Star Tournament will take place June 15th and 16th.


RHLL will hold All Star Clinics on Friday May 10th at Fred Crabtree Park.  Players are not required to attend clinics to be selected for All Stars, but it's encouraged.  Clinics are not tryouts; they are simply a way for players to make one more impression on coaches. The manager will select the 12 players that give the team the best chance to win. All eligible payers are invited to attend the clinic; however players must be registered for All Stars to attend the clinic.   There will be a parents meeting at the start of practice.



Clinic Schedule:


8-10 AL (Coach Green)  5:15pm – 7:00pm at Field #1

8-10 NL (Coach Boss) 5:15pm – 7:00pm at Field #2


11 AL (Coach Meade)  5:45pm – 8:00pm at Field #1

11 NL (Coach Burns)  5:45pm – 8:00pm at Field #2


Majors AL (Coach Thompson)  7:15pm – 9:00pm at Field #1

Majors NL (Coach Raikes)  7:15pm – 9:00pm at Field #2


RHLL will announce All Star Teams May 22nd and teams will begin practice as early as June 1st.

As part of registration and to be eligible for All Stars, players and families must agree to the following:

  1. All Star Commitment Agreement: Participation in RHLL All-Stars is a significant commitment by the player and family. All-Star players must attend all official team activities, practices, scrimmages and games, unless there is a compelling reason for an absence (i.e., school event, medical appointment). Excused absences do not include family vacations, sports camps, and conflicts with other sports teams or tournaments. The league asks that all-star players postpone other sports teams until the completion of the all-star tournaments.  Tournament play requires our teams to work very hard to maximize talent and be competitive. Consequently, the teams will practice daily as well as play practice scrimmages in the weeks prior to the start of the District 4 All-Star tournaments. This is an immense commitment, and the players are required to make this team their priority, or they should reconsider their eligibility to be considered for selection. Players must commit to the team for as long as the team is victorious, potentially all the way through Regionals or their respective World Series tournament in August.  If selected to a RHLL All-Star Team, families will be responsible for paying to RHLL an All‐Star Registration fee of $150.00, which pays for a portion of the all-star uniform (Jersey, two practice jerseys, hat, socks, belt and a yard sign congratulating your player on making All Stars) and costs associated with the team and the tournament. Families should also understand that other expenses, such as hotel and travel, may be incurred if the team advances out of district play.
  2. Playing Time Agreement: Parents and players should be aware that playing time on an all-star team will not be distributed evenly, nor is playing time in the field guaranteed. Tournament teams now utilize a continuous batting order. While players may have played many innings and specific positions during the regular season, they may be asked to play a different role on an all‐star team. This could involve playing a different position, playing fewer innings, on batting lower in the lineup. Playing time, batting order and fielding positions are determined by the all‐star manager, subject to the Little League International tournament rules governing mandatory minimum play. Games will be managed to maximize the chance of victory. It is possible that your player may not play in the field and only be in the batting lineup. It is important that you discuss these things with your player before you submit this form, to avoid any potential disappointment.
  3. Volunteer Agreement: Each family will be responsible for volunteering once for one of the following jobs at another RHLL All Star game hosted at Fred Crabtree Park. (this will never conflict with your players games) Field Prep, Pitch Counter, Announcer, Scorebook Keeper (paper, not Gamechanger), Scoreboard Operator.


TO REGISTER FOR ALL STARS, CLICK HERE:  https://go.teamsnap.com/forms/430769

Should any family need assistance with this fee, we have a program in place to make that happen. Any player not selected or that decides not to play All Stars before teams are announced will receive a full refund.


All Stars FAQs:

Can you tell me a little more about what it means to play on a District All-Star Team?

For many kids, playing on a District All-Star team is a once in a lifetime opportunity. They represent the best 12 players at their age group in RHLL.  We'll compete against Alexandria, Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Vienna, Great Falls, and Mason District. They will have their name announced during player introductions and line up along the basepaths before the game just as they do at the MLB All-Star Game. It is exhilarating!

How are all-star managers and coaches selected?

The All-Star Committee (AAA and Majors Commissioners along with League President) will interview coaches who have expressed interest in managing or coaching. The Committee will then put before the RHLL Board a slate of nominees for the team managers. Once approved and with guidance and input from the Board, the managers will choose their assistant coaches. While only three coaches are allowed in a dugout during tournament games, we are always looking for qualified coaches to help with practices once they start.

How are players chosen?

The All-Star Manager and Coaches will select the players based on their scouting as well as recommendations and reports from the player's RHLL team coaches. Whether or not a player is on a travel baseball team is irrelevant in this process and not a criteria the coaches look at when selecting their teams.

Are there any eligibility requirements?

Yes! There are two that must be met before final selection and team roster announcements. A player may not be considered for a District All-Star team until the following commitments are made…

  1. Participation. A player must have played in a minimum of 60% of regular season games. Game participation is defined as having played at least six consecutive outs defensively and had at least one at bat during a game.
  2. Availability. Players are expected to make at least 90% of the practices and games in order to be eligible for all-stars (see below for more information on practices).

Is there a cost to play on a District All-Star team?

There is a $150 fee that we ask parents to pay to help the league cover some expenses, such as uniforms, tournament fees, etc. Should any family need assistance with this fee, we have a program in place to make that happen.  Players will receive a jersey, hat, two practice jerseys, socks, belt and a All Star yard sign from the league.

What is the practice schedule?

Ultimately, the practice schedule is up to the Manager and Coaches. Typically, teams will run daily practices of anywhere from 1-2 hours (sometimes longer). Scrimmages against teams from leagues outside our district will also be part of a team’s practice plan. Practices will start June 1st - the same day teams are announced.

What documents do the league require from each player?

Should your player be selected to a District All-Star team, Little League International requires that you submit several documents to RHLL (see below) proving age and residency. Prior to the first tournament game, we will then submit a binder for each team to the District Administrator for final team approval. *Please note there is a VERY short turnaround time on these documents so we ask you to plan ahead.

  1. ORIGINAL Birth Certificate. No photocopies allowed. It has to be the original. We’ve never lost a birth certificate so fear not!
  2. THREE proofs of residency or a document signed by your school. We will go into greater detail on this later but please see Little League International’s checklist here.